Magis Visa* is the only payment card that provides you with 25% to 40% more money on your purchases.

Please note that on November 1st a new Cardholder Agreement will be in effect, and we recommend that you read it.
Note that upon the effective date of the new cardholder agreement, the card will be referred to as the Hello Visa* Prepaid Card. 

About the Magis Visa Card

Magis is a Latin adverb that means "more", "in addition" or "the greater". It expresses the ideal of the very best.

Magis Visa is a rechargeable prepaid card that allows you to charge added bonus amounts purchased on all Magis Network shopping sites to be used at participating merchants. To discover the great selection of merchants, visit our online shopping sites. It is also possible to charge non-subsidized amounts (like cash) allowing you to pay the difference between the amount you hold for a specific merchant and the actual invoice directly within your card without having to pay with another payment method (like your credit card). for example). You must obtain a Magis Visa in order for you to use or shopping websites and get 25 to 40% more money from local merchants in your area.


Shopping Websites

Magis Visa card works like a prepaid card. The difference is that you get a bonus of 25 to 40% on every dollar you buy for a specific merchant. You can buy the added bonus amounts on any of theses Magis Network shopping sites. One card for all your purchases

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    Hello Visa Prepaid Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int. *Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence by Peoples Trust Company.

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