What is Magis Visa* Prepaid Card?


A one of a kind card:

The Magis Visa card is a prepaid, rechargeable card that allows you to load amounts (which will receive automatic bonuses added to your balance) that you can then use when visiting merchants. To find the list of all participating businesses, visit our online purchasing sites.

You can also load amounts that will not receive the usual bonus amounts that can allow you to cover the difference between the amount you have in your account for a certain merchant and your actual bill. That way, you can pay the whole invoice without having to use another payment method (like your credit card, for example).

You should therefore get your own personal Magis Visa card to obtain more value from your local businesses via our online purchasing sites.

How to receive my Magis Visa Prepaid Card

You need to create an account first:

If you don’t already have a Magis account, you’ll need to create one when making your first bonus purchase on one of our online purchasing sites. You’ll then receive your personalized Magis Visa card through the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

How to activate my Magis Visa card:

Once you receive your card, you need to activate it before using it with the merchants you’ve made online bonus purchases for. You’ll find activation instructions in the welcome letter you’ll get in the mail with your card. If you have any questions, you can reach Customer Service, Monday to Sunday between 9am and 10pm (Eastern Time), by dialing 1-514-842-8080 or our toll-free number 1-855-842-8080.

How can I add amounts that will receive the automatic bonus on my Magis Visa card?

To add funds to your account for a specific merchant, you need to make a purchase on one of our online purchasing sites. The amount and the related bonus for this merchant will be transferred to your Magis Visa card.

How can I load a cash amount on my Magis Visa card?

To add non-bonus funds to your Magis Visa card, you simply need to go to your ‘my account/my wallet/my cash’ section. For more information, visit our terms and conditions.

Is there a waiting period after I make a purchase/load funds onto my card?

There is no waiting period. It’s immediate. Once the payment for your purchase is completed, you can use your funds right away with the merchant in question.

Where can I use my Magis Visa card?

Each of the bonus purchases you add to your wallet/Magis Money account can be used with the specific merchant you bought it for as you’ll see in your My Account tab on the purchase site where you bought the amount.

Can I use my Magis Visa card when visiting any business?

No. Your Magis Visa card can only be used when visiting businesses that are available on our online purchasing sites and it can’t be used for security deposits.

Can I report my card lost or stolen?

Of course! You can do this by going to the online purchasing site where you made your purchases. On this site, in the ‘Lost Card’ section of your account, you can report your card lost or stolen. You can also get in touch with us by calling 1-514-842-8080 or our toll-free Customer Service number, 1-855-842-8080, between 9am and 10pm (Eastern time), Monday to Sunday

If I lost my Magis Visa card, how can I get a new one?

If your Magis Visa card is lost or stolen, a new one can be sent to you, provided you pay the $10 replacement fee. Should your card expire with a remaining balance, a new card will be sent to you free of charge. You will receive the new card through the mail. A new card in your name will automatically deactivate your old card and all purchase balances, if any, will be transferred to your new card. To request a new card, you must visit the online purchasing site you made your purchases on and click on the ‘Lost Card’ section. If you have any questions about a lost or stolen card, you can reach Customer Service, Monday to Sunday between 9am and 10pm (Eastern Time), by dialing 1-514-842-8080 or through our toll-free number: 1-855-842-8080.

Are there purchase or load limits on my Magis Visa card?

As far as purchases on our sites, you can have up to $9,900.00 including bonuses on your card or $9,400.00 if you have a $500 open wallet funds. Open wallet funds can therefore not exceed $500. The total limit for bonus purchases or loads is $9,900.00.

Can I use my card outside of Canada?

No. The card is only for Canadian users and can only be used in Canada. Furthermore, the card only accepts transactions in Canadian funds.


What should I do if I forget my PIN or if it is locked?

To unlock or change your PIN, contact our customer services between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. at 514-842-8080 or toll free at 1-855-842-8080.

How can I challenge a transaction if necessary?

If you need to challenge a transaction, you must contact Customer Service by dialing 1-514-842-8080 or our toll free number: 1-855-842-8080 (Monday to Sunday between 9am and 10pm (Eastern Time)). Visit our terms and conditions for more information.

Customer Service business hours

Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Sunday between 9am and 10pm (Eastern Time), by dialing 1-514-842-8080 or our toll free number 1-855-842-8080 or by emailing support@magiscard.com

Where can I read the card’s Terms & Conditions?

At any time, you can access the card’s terms and conditions for more information.

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